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The right exterior has a significant impact on your home and business. So, why choose KevCon Construction for your exterior needs?

We prioritize client satisfaction, providing reliable solutions to stand the test of time. We honor our craftsmanship on every single project while bringing durability and aesthetic appeal. By offering quality Canadian manufactured materials, we help to continue building a sustainable economy. Our ability, diversity, and knowledge in siding, soffit, fascia, eavestrough, and roofing installations makes us your trusted partner in enhancing and protecting your property's exterior.

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KevCon Construction was founded by owner Kevin Constable. With several years of industry experience from metal fabrication, various types of cladding to residential framing; Kevin's dream to build a business that embodies honesty, reliability with quality workmanship and a respectful team will always be a permanent goal. We continue to explore emerging leadership techniques, innovative construction materials and installation methods with a commitment to enhance our business for both clients and our team.


At KevCon Construction our Vision is to establish ourselves as the premier choice in exterior renovations, setting the standards for excellence in siding, soffit, fascia, eavestrough and roofing.


We will achieve our Vision by building lasting relationships with our community and our clients through transparent communication and personalized service. We will deliver the highest quality exterior renovation services by combining innovative solutions and craftsmanship to each project. We want to redefine exterior services with our diversity of product installations, our dedication, and our commitment to making our clients dreams possible. Our team will be held accountable for executing our highest level of standards, expectations and integrity.

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Discover how KevCon Construction can help with seamless gutter installation, protection systems and your exterior needs.

There is no need to get overwhelmed by the installation of gutters on your home. KevCon Construction is here to help you navigate the world of gutters and perfectly fit the needs of your property.

KevCon Construction offers 5" aluminum seamless eavestroughing, designed to stand up against the test of time. Aluminum will not rust, chip or crack and it is available in a variety of colours to match your exterior theme. KevCon Construction determines exactly what your property needs during a site visit.

Our installation team will work efficiently and effectively to get your gutters hung as quickly as possible. Local and service-oriented, you can count on every member of the KevCon Construction team to be completely professional and deliver the type of quality work that your home or business deserves.

For your homes right fit gutter installation, call KevCon Construction at 613-382-8800.

If you're tired of having your Kingston (and surrounding areas) gutters cleaned every few months, then an advanced gutter protection system installation by KevCon Construction may be the answer. Also known as gutter guards, these systems are an effective way of filtering out all the solid material, leaving the water to drain smoothly without annoying clogs.

While there are plenty of gutter protection systems available on the market, KevCon Construction only uses the best. Alu-Rex is built strong to help support the weight of debris and snow. Alu-Rex is a durable rust-proof aluminum and can be installed on your existing 5" gutters without the need for a full replacement. Your professional installation is almost always less than a one-day job. After the gutter guard installation, you'll be able to stop worrying about clogs and potential water invading your property structure.

In addition to the advantage of avoiding clogs, gutter guards are largely invisible. Because they sit close to the roof on top of the gutters, it's likely that you won't even be able to see the difference at your Kingston (and surrounding areas) property. However, you'll certainly notice the difference when the water is being directed away from your home and you no longer need your gutters cleaned.

To learn more about how KevCon Construction can help with your clogged gutter issues, call 613-382-8800.

When it comes to your Kingston (and surrounding areas) property, ensuring that the "umbrella" is in tip-top shape is of extreme importance. KevCon Construction understands that value to you, your family and the contents of your home.

There are several options when it comes to installing a new roof. Whether it be a more budget-friendly solution such as asphalt shingles, or the robust durability of steel, KevCon Construction is here to educate you on the various roofing options available.

Asphalt, aluminum or steel can come in a wide range of profiles and contours. There are also several colors to choose from based on the profile and manufacturer. KevCon Construction uses industry professionals such as Vicwest, Buchner, Ideal Roofing, Westman Steel and GAF. No matter the roof, water prevention, durability and proper installation is the number one priority to KevCon Construction.

For your roofing solutions, call KevCon Construction at 613-382-8800.

The right siding for you and your home can be a big decision. There are plenty of factors to consider such as cost, maintenance, efficiency and of course, curb appeal. Let KevCon Construction help you with your Kingston (and surrounding areas) home.

KevCon Construction helps to prevent drafts and water penetration getting in by wrapping the home and sealing it off prior to the installation of siding. For a more thermal solution, KevCon Construction also installs exterior foam boards.

Whether you are looking for cost efficiency of Vinyl, eco-friendliness of Wood or durability and resistance of Steel, KevCon Construction can install it. Our company uses reputable manufacturers such as Mitten, Maibec/CanExel, James Hardie and Westman Steel.

Contact KevCon Construction at 613-382-8800 for your free estimate.

Soffits and fascia are important to the integrity of your Kingston (and surrounding areas) home or business. They prevent water damage that can occur to your roof and walls, allows for proper venting to the attic and keeps animals out.

KevCon Construction can replace any rotting or damaged fascia wood. The installation of aluminum fascia protects the wood from the elements. Fascia can come in prefabricated sizes or can be hand bent for custom profiles. There are also various colours, sizes and ribbing.

Vented soffit helps circulate the air flow to your attic. Without proper ventilation, the air becomes hot, moist and stagnant, which can eventually wreak havoc to the roof and air inside the home. Aluminum soffit is also available in several colours.

If you need repairs or replacement on soffits and fascia, contact KevCon Construction at 613-382-8800.

KevCon Construction is fully licensed and insured. When it comes to giving your business a facelift, it is all quality, all the time.

Cladding and siding are typically done in steel so your Kingston (and surrounding areas) business gets the longevity and durability to last for years to come. Steel siding panels are available in different gauges, profiles, and colors. KevCon Construction has the cladding prefabricated through a trusted company that has been used for 5+ years.

Contact 613-382-8800 for a free estimate on Commercial Cladding and Siding.

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